Seraphizm Chows Down: Banana Cake

This is the first in our Chow’s Down series where we will be sharing our favorite recipes – from the healthy treats to very sweet!

Let’s start with something simple and super quick to make.

My Banana Cake!!!!!!!

banana cake

What do you need?

360g of Butter
640g of Sugar
4 Eggs
7g of Vanilla Extract
750g of ripe bananas (Puree)
640g of Flour
12g of Salt
10g of Bicarbonate Soda

First of all you will need to melt the butter then add the sugar to it. Mix them together for 2 minutes.

Combine the eggs, vanilla and banana puree then add to the sugar/butter mix

Mix the flour, salt and bicarbonate soda together then add it the previous mix.

My mum likes it when I add a bit of rum in it. Not my cup of tea but why not.

Have a couple of chopped bananas to the top to decorate!

You could even add some chocolate chips inside for that added bonus…

Cook for around 30 min on Gas mark 4/180°.

Once cooled, just cut yourself a slice with Nutella on it…Enjoy!

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