Running CREW vs Running CLUB – I Finally Get It

This post is about my personal experience of running with a certain Run Club and I thought I would share it with you guys, we’d love to hear your thoughts too. I’m not going to lie, running with them made me pretty angry.

I, Laura, am a part of Run Dem Crew. I started my running journey with them and I can say that my running behavior is what it is thanks to them.

I remember one day I ran with a lady on my Tuesday run with Rundem and during a casual conversation with her she told me she didn’t like to run with people. I thought “go away then” but my diplomatic self just smiled and carried on running. She even added that “running is a selfish sport”. I can see what she means: running is about you, your mind and your legs, but on the other hand I disagree.

Running isn’t a selfish sport. I love running surrounded by people. Rundem is the crew that gives me that extra push that I need when I feel run down while I run. I never feel alone when I run with my crew. Over the last year since I started running I’m really proud to say that I am part of this big family of 150+ members, a family which is growing every season.

As a crew, we look out for each other, we care and we wait for each other. We start together and we finish together. No one is left behind and that’s one fucking golden rule!

This is how we do it every Tuesday.

Unfortunately, this rule does not apply to all run clubs, as I found out this week.

I recently experienced my first run with a running club…seriously WTF? What a disappointment and how can running get me so angry, when it normally makes me happy (and want to bake, yeah I know random)?

It was a pretty short run but it felt like forever.

The running lead was some sort of Speedy Gonzales, Sonic or Flash “encouraging” people to sprint (for 1 whole kilometer BTW) when many were clearly out of breathe, not even asking if everyone was OK. The pacer ran off with the fastest people at the front and we lost them – they were out of sight, leaving us to find our own way back to the meetup point.

We had a back marker but that’s not the point. Bruv, this was a simple, short run in the city not a race so chill. Eager beaver of running I don’t like you! You made me and my girls feel like shit. I’m not the fastest runner but I enjoy running and that’s all that matters.

No one turned around to check who was left behind! NO ONE! This got me so vex I wanted to cut it short and go home but I stayed with my friends who are pretty new to running to help them finish. I was swearing in Jamaican even though I’m French throughout the “run” loooool!

I did not feel any sort of warmth coming from the run club. They were cold, antisocial, ran and then fucked off. Mehhhhh boring!

This is my personal opinion.

If I could give you one piece of advice: if you want to get into running grab a friend or two and just run and have a laugh together. Make it enjoyable with no pressure. You don’t have to be fast, just run.

Super Steep Sundays

You won’t become Paula Radcliffe over night,  but you’ll become a better version of yourself with some miles in your leg.

And, maybe, nicer legs and bum (that’s the case for me…LOL)

What are you thoughts on Run Clubs? What have you experienced running with different groups of people, strangers, friends? We would love to hear what you think too!

We would love to hear your thoughts! Go on mate, Leave us a comment <3


  • Jahira says:

    Amennnn sister!!

  • Tahirah says:

    Girl. I’m sure you know how I feel about THIS situation. RDC has spoilt us; when we step outside of the loving and supportive community that Charlie has built and see how runners usually treat each other it’s like “…huh?” Not for me, fam. Not at all!

  • kate says:

    OOOhhh my lordy, Lyon Running club ran last night with its biggest number yet 25 hihihihi , and i have to say i totally agree with you! We have members of our crew that are training for the Urban trail and need to work on hills and speed, but come to our wednesday run for the social and fun aspect rather than the time trials. We never leave anyone behind, which results to frequent route updates and planning throughout the run so the faster ones know where to lead and the slower runners follow the human markers at the corner of each road! As a result our crew is becoming more and more fun and happy, we even had our first burger run last night… Competitive running clubs are there for a reason, for those who arent about the social side of running but have a competition with themselves, and they are the ‘selfish’ runners or just have a different goal, crews encourage everyone, to achieve their goals together, and to make each run count, creating memories along the way. Pass the ketchup….merci!

  • Selda says:

    I’m new in this ‘run to just run’ and keep fit routine but I must say, without running with the super steep Sunday’s I don’t run at all. It’s fun, it pushes me to go farther and “DON’T STOP” haha but the one thing that’s made me love running is that I was NEVER left behind!
    I would otherwise run to the bus stop because no one would be there to help me keep going, I thought that was one of the best parts of a running crew/club. It’s supposed to be a team effort, If not, go and run in an elite group or none at all.
    I say thanks to you Laura and kim especially for making me fall in love with running. XxxX
    Ps being left behind didn’t make me feel as bad as being told I should even be in that group (pointing out the obvious) but I really did feel like running home cos I was a burden :-(

  • Selda says:


  • This is such a great post. I was once a selfish runner in that I thought I couldn’t run with people (I’d get to tired or want to stop). Then as I progressed with running I dabbled in some running groups and totally found the same thing you did. Some were SO annoying in that they’d give you a printed google map at the beginning then run off leaving you to run alone with maybe a flash of lycra in the distance. Not cool. Running crews/clubs/groups should be a social experience + a running experience, anyone out to set a PB on a group run is wacko.

    I’m not in RDC but have heard lots about them and I love how they break up their runs with stairs/sprints/photo ops that helps keep the group together and spirits high.

    There’s a careful balance between training to get better as an individual and training for the group to get better. Any running crew/club/group worth their membership should err on the side of group improvement!

  • dommy says:

    Totally agree that a welcoming, friendly social atmosphere is a great thing, there’s lots of London clubs that have this.
    What was the name of the club that acted so badly?
    The ‘club vs. crew’ argument tends to end up tarring all ‘proper clubs’ with the same brush, when it’s just not true. Better to name the offending party!

  • Emma says:

    Yes bredrine! Start together finish together.

  • Lissy says:

    I would be very interested to know what club this was too… I was at a session this weekend where the exact same thing happened & I had exactly the same thoughts! Not cool!

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