We Owned The Night – As Sisters and On Home Turf

Another 10k done and dusted with my Food and Lycra sisters – and as per race, our emotions were at an all time high.

We Own The Night Raceday

East london’s Victoria park, our first home turf race. And to top it off we were with all our girls, our sisters. To say we were buzzing off that was an understatement.

we own the night raceday

We opted for the orange race bands to smash our PB (which we did by 2mins- Wehey!) and as soon as the race was about to begin they started flashing neon orange! We joined the thousands of ladies in orange at the start line by cheekily sneaking our way through to find the sub hour pacers. The lovely Perri Drayton kicked off the race with a horn that didn’t work lol but woop woop let’s go.

we own the night raceday

we own the night raceday

Lights, pumping music and lots of colour lined our 10k track. The huge km marker balls lit up the sky which was slowly setting as night fell. Waiting patiently along the course were all the supportive family, friends and Cheer Dem Crew – if not for these guys, many wouldn’t have been able to achieve as much as they did on the night! Support is KEY yo!

Our hopes of not leaving anyone behind quickly became an impossible task with so many other runners, but we knew we all had someone to run with. Someone to keep us company, to support us and to ensure we pushed through to the very end – no one ran alone.

We ran together once again as Food and Lycra sisters, we started together and finished together. And our support for each other didn’t stop at our finish line. We stayed put to soak in the cheers, the lights, the music and to support the other ladies coming through. We stay put because we wanted to there at the very moment our girls finished their first every race.

As soon as we saw their faces, we dived to them with open arms, falling in a heap on the ground and broke into tears (we are so EMO -__-). We all knew how each other felt – happy, triumphant, victorious and most importantly proud of each other.

A massive BIG UP to our sisters Selda, Emma and Karly for completing their first race – we couldn’t be more happy for them!!

Check out more pics, and a lovely GIF (we fucking love a good a GIF), from the night below…Bring on the next race!

…Actually DON’T because our next race is TOUGH MUDDER (LAWWWDDDD).

we own the night raceday

we own the night race day

we own the night raceday

We own the night raceday

we own the night raceday

we own the night raceday

(Check out more great pictures from WOTN over on Geeky Snaps)

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