CrossFit Bold: Are you a CrossFit rookie?

Finally I got to try CrossFit! All of us newbies are called rookie in the Crossfit jargon.

I’ve been meaning to experiment with it for such a long time, but when you don’t have a clue about the discipline it can be quite intimidating. Especially when you type ‘CrossFit’ on YouTube and you see some crazy videos! I don’t know about you but it scared me.

But, what is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program that uses a mix of gymnastic elements, Olympic weightlifting movements, kettle bell exercises and other activities to improve strength, power, speed, stamina, cardio-respiratory endurance, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy and flexibility.

Still in the dark?  Here…watch this.

To break into the world of CrossFit, we went to an industry site (in true CrossFit fashion, known for its ‘backyard garage gym’ style) nearby Wimbledon, to participate in CrossFitBold‘s introductory class held by Helen and Nigel.

We started off with a warm up which was followed by a technical demonstration of the positions key to Crossfit. We were then given time to practice the moves and the correct positioning, with our instructor talking us through what we were doing right and/or wrong. As with any sort of high intensity workout using equipment, it is really important to get the position right to avoid injury.

Once we were all warmed up and got to grips with the correct form, we were thrown into a 7 minute AMRAP training session (As Many Repetitions As Possible).

CrossFit has its own jargon…it’s a new language. Loads of abbreviations and specific fitness wording. I speak French, English and Spanish, I should be able to speak CrossFit, shouldn’t I lol? You know I said I was clueless about CrossFit? Check out my Instagram  post where I nicely wrote ARMRAP with chalk on the floor, clearly didn’t get my head around all the abbreviations. Why the extra R? I don’t know. I guess it sounded right in my head!

Here’s the breakdown of one set.

7 burpees (hate them with a passion, but best way to burn calories)
7 box jumps (#like)
7 american kettle bell swing (my favourite)

We had 7 minutes to do it as many sets as possible in this exact order. And, of course I decided to start with box jump because I didn’t listen…Ooops.

7 mins doesn’t seem like much…but I’m telling you I had a mini heart attack after 4 minutes lol. Doing a HIIT session, non-stop, for 7 minutes is not easy!

It is really intense. It became a competition against myself and the bloody timer. I couldn’t stop looking at it and it made me think and behave backwards. What I mean is, instead of telling myself: “go on Laura you have 4 minutes left push harder you can do it”, I told myself: ” OMG this timer needs to hurry up to 7 min, I’m dying right now”. Bad attitude eh? I know! But hey, this was our first time and as painful as it was I still did my best and I loved it.

I really encourage everyone to try it at least once. Whatever your level of fitness is, you only follow what your body allows you to do, and you will improve with training and patience.

P.S: I wish I could follow my own advice sometimes…

If you decide to get in to CrossFit, this list might be quite useful to start with. The list is much longer lol but let’s say this is the starter package:

  • AMRAP:  As Many Repetitions (or Rounds) As Possible – typically in a specified time frame
  • As Rx’d:  As Prescribed – the suggested parameters for a given exercise (weight for example)
  • PB:  Personal Best
  • PR:  Personal Record
  • Rep:  A repetition or one instance of a given exercise
  • Set:  A group of repetitions
  • WOD:  Workout of the Day
  • Box: A CrossFit gym

Despite the price,  £140.00 per month for an unlimited access, Cross Fit is a great way to get fit and strong, and stay motivated.

It is definitely worth giving a go!  Would you give up your regular gym for a box?

We would love to hear your thoughts! Go on mate, Leave us a comment <3


  • Woah, £140 per month?! Mental! I really wanna try Crossfit but it’s £80 a month in Brighton and I just can’t afford that. £140 though, that’s obscene!

  • Christina_i says:

    I’ve been doing CrossFit for about 9 months now and I think I might never look back! My home box is CrossFit Cambridgeshire (, but as I have some London days, I started training in London too. If you fancy something closer to central London, I really recommend CrossFit Hackney ( – it’s a brilliant space with really lovely people!
    The prices are indeed steep, especially in London (rent, apparently!), but most boxes offer various options (e.g. 2 or 3 times a week). Plus you have to consider that you’re actually paying for group personal training!
    And did I mention people are very friendly? It is in the box commandments that thou shall introduce yourself to newcomers and make them feel welcome. Breaking box rules = penalty burpees.
    PS: The first proper, correct, real squat I ever did was on my first intro to CrossFit session. I have no idea what I had been doing in my previous life, but they were not squats.

  • Kelsey says:

    I’ve been going to Crossfit London (they have box’s at Bethnal Green and Vauxhall) and I love it! It’s quite hard though and when you see a WOD is only 7 minutes long you know it’s going to be mega hard.

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