Heart Rate training simplified with Wahoo Fitness

It’s been over a week since London Marathon and guess what? We still love running. Yes we do.

We would not change anything about this unique day. Running 26.2 miles is such a huge achievement for us but the journey is far from over. We had a week of rest and treat over Easter and it was Kim’s birthday. So you can imagine there was a lot to celebrate.

Now let’s get back to business and let’s improve our fitness!

The Friday before London Marathon, I got invited to Equinox Gym in Kensington to test out a new Heart Rate monitor, the Wahoo TICKR RUN  and the Wahoo Fitness app.

The Wahoo TICKR RUN is an easy to understand heart rate monitor combine with a simplified fitness app.

You can use the heart rate monitor with the App for running,  cvcling  or even a cardio class. It can used be indoor or outdoor as long as you have your phone with you.

I arrived dressed ready to test it out but I was far from knowing what would happened next. I  thought it would be an easy going  test on a treadmill. AH!I was delusional. I sweated so much I couldn’t open my eyes (Salty sweat problem)  I ran for my life. OMG  it was intense. I didn’t want to push too much 2 days before London Marathon but I did ahah.

I got equipped with a TICKR heart rate monitor and all I had to do was synchronize  it with my phone via Bluetooth to the App.

We did a 15 min interval workout on a treadmill. From a power walking warm up to speedy one on incline. It was a short but very intense test.

Here are my results:

As you can see on my screen shot, The BURN number is the number I should stay below to optimize my fat burn and the BURST number is the one I need to stay above in order to improve my speed and performance.
My numbers are weirdly low. Trust me I pushed hard lol but my phone went on Auto lock during the workout which stopped the data collection.
Best solution is to disable your Auto lock before your workout. I know it’s not something we don’t always think about. I know I would forget.
Apart from that,  it’s a good and simple workout tool. I’m planning to start their 8 weeks training plan, The Burst  to help me improve my endurance, get faster and of course lose a few kilograms. Yeah I have to. I’ve been eating so much since I completed London Marathon. I think I rewarded myself a little bit too much. ahah
I always thought that using a heart rate monitor was a pain and I never really understood it until now.
The app is free and you can purchase the heart rate monitor here.
And what a nice way to finish a sweaty workout with fresh fruits…trust me I had more than one. I was hungry and hot!

This is Wahoo Fitness

So? Who will give it a go?

We would love to hear your thoughts! Go on mate, Leave us a comment <3


  • JP says:

    Do you guys have any recommendations for a good tracker which tracks workout instensity, calories burned etc during gym exercise classes – so classes like body pump, aerobics, yoga? Cheers x

    • Laura Lakam says:

      Hey JP, the Wahoo Fitness app combine with he heart rate monitor is actually really good. I use myself. I’m on an 8 weeks program now. You should give is a try. The app is free and the heart rate monitor is aroung 50 pound. you can use it for any physical activity. x

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