Food and Lycra is a place beyond our personal social networks to inspire girls and women, like us, who once upon a time couldn’t run a kilometre, do a pull-up or swim 20 meters.

A place to share our deep passion for food – whether we are eating it or making it.

A place to show the world the amount of fun you can have with a group of friends who all share the same passions and inspire each other to go further.

A place to document our journey as we explore our city and the world through food, fitness and fun.

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  • Johannes says:

    Hi guys!
    Met you today in Gothenburg, after I spoke to Steven.

    Just wanted to leave a comment and say that you have a really nice blog! Unfortunately I’m not really into exercising that much (I guess I should exercise more though…) but it’s a cool blog and idea nontheless! Good luck with it and I hope Steven (and you too?) enjoy the wedding!


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