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  • Princess Garip says:

    Hey there beauties,

    Great website. I’m not very internet literate so would like to ask that you post on your page or email me direct when there are running events as i would like to start taking part. Muchas gracias guapas.

    Hope to see you all soon,
    Princess Garip ; )

  • Katherine says:

    Hey guys, loving your blog, I was just wondering where you guys hear about the races you’ve been doing? They seem a bit out of the ordinary and really good fun. Just wondered if you had a particular source for information?

    • Rachel Tran says:

      Hey Katherine!

      Thanks for getting in touch <3

      The races we do are really fun, and the fun factor of them all definitely keeps us motivated when it comes training!

      We don’t have a specific source for information, we are lucky to have a great network around us who keeps us in the know :) Stay posted on our site and social networks, we usually post quite early on what races we participate in, so you could use us as the source!

  • Grace says:

    Hi girls! I just discovered you after you liked a pic of mine on Instagram.
    I’m LOVING your website. I will be checking regularly for fitness and food advice & upcoming events!
    I wanted some advice from you! I’ve recently signed up for my first long distance run (Nike women’s 10k – Victoria park). I’m slim, have a high metabolism & usually avoid too much cardio as I do not want to loose weight – I’m into strength training and maintaining my current weight. What do you recommend during my training, to help me avoid loosing weight?

    • Kim Ngo says:

      Hey Grace!
      Thanks so much for your comment!

      Running works differently for different people, some people lose a little bit of weight some people lose a lot, but you can defo maintain your weight while training for the race. The most important thing you can do is eat properly. You’re probably going to have to up your carb intake to fuel your runs and all the calorie burning you’ll be doing. Keep up with the strength training- we’re sure you’ll be fine!

      Good luck- hopefully we will see you at the race!

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