Beats Hours of Power: Beats by Dre Powerbeats2 Wireless presents Barry’s Bootcamp

We are so fortunate to have so many friends who share the love of food and fitness as much as we do. If there is an opportunity for us to … Continue Reading →

Pastry and Fitness: The Possible Love?

There are a lot of people with a busy work life and who still manage to keep their fitness. To these people…well done! Keep it up! It’s a real struggle … Continue Reading →


BIG BURN London 2014

We should really get fit all year round, but we tend to get that fitness rush when summer isn’t far. Don’t we all want to show more flesh when the … Continue Reading →

Blue Cow Yoga

Morning Workouts: Blue Cow Yoga

I’ve been attempting to try out this thing when you kinda wake up a little earlier in the day and kinda do some exercise before you start work at 9am. … Continue Reading →


SpeedFlex – 45 Minutes To Get Fit, and It’s Tracked

Last Monday Rachel, Kim and I were invited to try a new fitness concept called Speedflex. Let me tell you a thing or two before I explain what Speedflex is … Continue Reading →